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Northumbria, England

Northumbria, also known as Northumberland, is the northest county of England. Further north is Scotland. Kingdom of Northumbria was an ancient kingdom, established earlier than Kingdom of England. The Kingdom once covered the huge area of now north England, reaching River Humber southward; so comes the word Northumbria (North-Humber). Being on the coast of North Sea, Northumbria is a land of combination of countryside and coastal beauty.

Allendale is a small village south of Hexham, overlooking River Allen.

Bamburgh Castle is arguably the most spectacular castle in Northumbria. It was the residence of former King of Northumbria. Berwick upon Tweed is the northest town of England, very close to Scottish Border. That's why she still has the enclosed city wall. Seahouses is a fishing village near Bamburgh. Close to the coast is Farne Islands, the breeding place for many kinds of sea birds; it's also the home of North Sea Grey Seals. Tynemouth is a small town along the coast, and as its name suggests, on the mouth of River Tyne.